4 Ways To Clean Your Carpets

It is very important to know how to clean your carpets perfectly. With carpet cleaning you can easily remove dirt and debris from the carpet as it takes a lot of shoes, and spills. Try to put extra effort while cleaning your carpet as it adds comfort and warmth underfoot. There are some basic steps and techniques to clean the carpet and keep it young for a longer time.

Clean Your Carpets
Clean Your Carpets

Here are the ways how you can clean your carpet:

1. Vacuum your carpet

It is very important to remove the dust from the edges of the carpets and baseboards. Use the vacuum for various purposes and reach the hidden places to remove dust. Vacuum the entire carpet by going in both the direction left to right and right to left and make sure that you reach every corner of the fiber. In this way, you can clean your carpets and easily remove dander and pet hair. It is highly advisable to vacuum twice a week.

2. Spot Cleaning

The color may transfer to your carpet if you use the rugs which have been dyed. One of the best solutions is to use a paper towel that doesn’t have any pattern. With a clean white cloth blot the fresh stains. If you notice any stain left behind on the carpet then remove it with a clean white cloth. Avoid using bristles and brushes on the fibers of the carpet. Choose the best carpet cleaner according to the carpet type. If you find any bodily fluid stains then they require special attention. Hydrogen peroxide works perfectly on dry stains and enzyme-based cleaners are specially used for pet urine. 

Some products may damage your carpet so it’s better to follow the instructions written on the carpet before you use any inappropriate cleaner. Avoid scrubbing, pressing hard, and rubbing on the carpet.

3. Shampoo your carpet

Clean the carpet with hot water and detergent. After vacuuming the carpet in all directions, use shampoo to remove grime but don’t forget that it will set the stains deeply in the carpet. Before you purchase any carpet shampoo read the instructions and product descriptions carefully. Some cleaners already contain shampoo and need to add some detergent to them. The container on the machine needs to be filled with water and detergent But use the detergent as the machine recommends. 

4. Use a clean cloth

As compared to any hard surface it is very difficult to clean your carpet. So always remove your shoes while you walk on the carpet as this will not tackle the dirt inside it. Remove the stains on the carpet immediately because if the stain is left for a longer period then it is difficult to remove. Avoid scrubbing as much as you can and use a clean white cloth to dab any colored liquid. 


You clean different types of carpet by yourself in your home and improve the health of people. Carpets are long-term purchases so regular vacuuming is very important. There are some carpet cleaning methods that remove tough stains and dirt.